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Performance Coaching - 'Winning the Mental Game'

I offer Performance Coaching for 1-1 or small groups; Face-Face or Online. 

I can offer a BPS approved course, or work flexibly according to your needs.

I offer Performance Coaching - performance in sport or for specific goals that you want to achieve.

Achieving your peak performance requires that you fully develop the knowledge, skills and ability, together with the capability to consistently and reliably deliver (perform) at the time when it matters.

Performance coaching can help at all levels! Any inefficiency in your 'mental game' will become evident when you are competing with the best.

Performance coaching is often talked about in terms of 'the mental game', or 'the inner game' - looking at psychological aspects of your situation. If you play a bad hole on the golf course, does that set you back for the next hole? Are you afraid of making a business decision? There may be mental barriers, patterns of thinking, or limiting beliefs. I will work with you to explore alternative ways of thinking, challenge existing beliefs or negative thoughts, or to develop new ways of behaving. Such self-reflection can bring about significant benefits in the workplace, in sport, or in a life context - high performance by winning the mental game.

Purpose and Process:

The foundation of my approach to coaching is in identifying your purpose - what's the dream? and then understanding how you will get there - the process...

Understanding your purpose enhances your focus and motivation; it allows you to refine your strategy, how you will achieve what you want to.

I will help you further develop your mental toughness through 5 key areas:

  • Self awareness and Stress tolerance

  • Effective Participation and taking a Wise-mind approach

  • Energy conservation, emotion regulation and Self-talk

  • Concentration and Focus

  • Acceptance - Letting go

I may also introduce you to some further tools such as Visualisation, Mindful Breathing, and the BRAVR method.

Your Full Potential:

We can look at the areas that you want to improve at - set goals, understand your current mindset and look at how this can be developed further. We can look at what is interfering to prevent you performing at your full potential, what is causing inefficiency and interference, and how you can overcome these areas. Performance can be defined as your full potential less the interference that prevents you getting there. This is true in all sports, in managing a small business, in leading a major company or managing at senior level in government. We can work together to raise your performance to the full potential.

From a team perspective I can help you find your 'flow'; the interdependence that enables fully actualised individuals to come together stronger and better as a result of their team. I will work with the team together to gain clarity and focus on the 'Dream goal' and also on secondary goals and milestones - opportunities for small wins and small losses, all good learning opportunities. In group contexts I will help you learn stress tolerance and emotion regulation (energy conservation) as well as learning mental toughness. At an individual level I will also help you in your journey towards self-actualisation; to deal with the negative self-talk, the old ways of thinking and behaving. 

Head, Heart and Hands:

As a Performance Coach I do not teach or instruct; you are the expert in your life; my skillset is in coming alongside you to help facilitate developing your psychological approach to your sport or particular goal.

If you would like to find out more about performance coaching and how I can assist you, please do get in touch.

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