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Performance Coaching Course:
'Winning the mental game'


This is a semi-structured course consisting of 6 hours of training.

The course is applicable for elite athletes and yet is also applicable to anyone who wants to improve the mental approach to their sport - to achieve improved performance and also better quality of training. 

Face-to-Face  - groups of up to 10 people.

Online using Zoom video meetings - groups of up to 5 people.

This course is very practically-orientated training to teach the participants a framework for improving their mental approach to achieve their best performance in their sport. The framework is structured, yet allows each individual the opportunity to tailor the skills and tools to suit their own approach to sport.

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding of the role of the mental approach to sport and how this interacts with technical and physical training.

Identification of a ‘Dream goal’, milestones and chunks.

Keys: Learning about self-awareness and managing stress, being effective through balancing emotions and rational thinking, managing energy, emotions and self-talk, developing concentration and focus through mindful participation and being able to let-go of past difficulties.

Learning about the Autonomic nervous system – sympathetic and parasympathetic.

Personalised ‘Performance Boosters’:

•    Awareness of mental arousal state.

•    Pre-competition highlight reel

•    Mistake ritual

•    Post-competition routine


Further Tools: including Visualisation, Mindful Breathing and BRAVR/CLEVR 

Sessions will be divided up as shown below - with some flexibility in case people want to focus on a particular element:

Session 1/2:


Deep Practice


Self-Awareness & Stress Tolerance

Autonomic Nervous system (ANS) + Pre-Competition Mental Arousal State

Pre-Competition Highlight Reel

Session 3/4:


Mistake Ritual

Effective Participation – Wise Mind

Energy Conservation, Emotion Regulation & Self-talk

Positive Affirmations

Mindful Breathing


Paired muscle relaxation

Session 5/6:

Post-Competition Routine

Concentration & Focus

Acceptance – Letting go



Group information: The maximum group size is 5/10 people. If you miss a session then I cannot guarantee being able to repeat the session individually but will try and help with key points at a separate time. If you book on a course and then can't attend I will offer a refund only if your space can be filled by someone else.

You will be provided with an electronic copy of my "winning the mental game" workbook which we will reference throughout the course. Please print a copy and have it available throughout the course.

Date/Time: - we can arrange this between us - get in touch to see what is possible.

Privacy Policy: As this is group work there is no guarantee of confidentiality; if individuals would like to further pursue private coaching then I can discuss confidentiality with them in a separate agreement.


Data Protection: I will not store any group or individual information with regard to this coaching.

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